Why is there a dress code?



Why Do I have to wear my hair in a bun (or up out of the face)?



Why do I have to pay for December (or any other short month) when there is a week or more off?

Tuition will be broken up into equal payments, paid for monthly (10 months). Tuition is based on an annual fee for the entire season, broken up into 10 payments. All holidays and vacations have been taken into consideration in your fees.


How can I drop or switch a class? And, what are your policies on that?

Please submit an official DROP form by completing this form online: 



In order to adjust your account in time for billing, and to arrange for a change in teacher contracts, all class drops or un-enrollments will take 2 weeks to go into effect. Therefore, we require that you submit the drop form by the 15th of the month BEFORE you wish not to be charged. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! And, thank you for your business! Also, please be advised of the admin fee when dropping private lessons.

Your child will NOT be unenrolled unless a drop/switch form is completed. Please keep in mind that in order to re-enroll that year, another membership fee will be accessed. There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes. However, make-ups may be made into an appropriate alternate class.


How do I make up a class?

You can register for your make up lessons in your online account here: http://dancetheatreofnewjersey.com/register-online/

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September 10-June 15
Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 3:30-9:00
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Hours of Operation

We are open only when classes or camps are in session.Please see our class schedule here.

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