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Thank you for choosing to dance at Dance Theatre of New Jersey. Please review our policies and procedures and let us know if you have any further questions.



Enrollment is open all year long. Students may enroll any time, but in order to participate in the Spring Performance, the student must enroll before the cut-off date: February 1st, providing a costume can still be ordered. Students enrolling after February 1st will still take classes, but will not participate in the performance in the Spring. Please note that because of our all-inclusive pricing, those registering late, will be assessed a higher registration fee in order to cover the cost of costumes.



All students are placed in classes according to AGE, with the exception of LEVELS 1-5 and Acro Beg-Adv. Students in levels 1-5 will need to be pre-approved for those classes and be a part of our company. Students will not be placed in classes in order to be with friends or siblings, but by ability. The instructor and studio director will determine placement in any class. Please trust that all decisions made in regards to a student’s placement are based upon years of experience and expertise. Placement in any class is not guaranteed for any duration. A student who is excelling may be moved to a higher class level, just as a student who is struggling may be moved to a lower class level. Being switched to another class will only be done based on the instructor and studio director’s approval and is always decided upon according to the best interest and progress of the student. Please note that 2 ballet technique classes per week are required to take Pointe.



Dance Theatre of New Jersey primarily uses email to communicate studio information. We strongly urge everyone, parents and students, to check their email and information boards at the studio often. Please make sure that we have your current contact information. If you don't receive regular updates from Dance Theatre of New Jersey via email, please check to make sure that we have your information correctly or that we are not labeled as spam. We promise not to send unnecessary emails and will never allow your personal information to be given out without your consent.



Dance Theatre of New Jersey reserves the right to refuse service and reserves the right to deny students participation in any performances. Dance Theatre of New Jersey is a private business & therefore we reserve the right to dismiss clients that do not adhere to the standards set forth in these policies. Thank you for your cooperation.



Studio Rules

- Respect for the instructors is crucial. Please also respect your fellow dancers and their families.

- Please wear appropriate dress code, or the student may be asked to sit out the class, if not properly dressed (**see dress code below).

- Students that are disruptive to the class, will be asked to sit down or leave the class. If multiple defenses occur, the student may be asked to un-enroll.

- Please walk in the studio.

- Please keep the lobby and dressing rooms clean and quiet.

- Please do not hang on the barres or touch the mirrors.

- Please do not chew gum in class.

- Please do not bring food into the studio. You may eat in the lobby providing you clean up after yourself.

-FAST FOOD is not allowed at the studio.

- You may bring your own water bottle to class and drink from it when you need to.

- Please use the restroom before class begins.

- Please be on time for class. It is important for a proper warm-up and it also interrupts the class when students walk in late. 

- Do not interrupt classes by walking in late, or talking to your children through the windows or open doors.

Waiting area RULES:

Please clean up after yourselves & children.

Please keep voices low.

No ball-throwing, tag, or running.

Please take phone calls outside.



Dress Code

Dance is a discipline and begins with the way a student dresses for class. Therefore, appropriate dance attire is required. **** Necessary items are available for purchase at the studio.


"Pre" and Twinkle Star™ classes- Please wear pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (for ballet and jazz), black tap shoes (ballet skirts and tutus are highly recommended). 


Ballet classes:

Ballet Age 5-18 Classes - BLACK leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes; Hair secured in ballet bun. Skirts optional, but highly recommended. Warm-ups may only be worn at the beginning of class.

Ballet Levels 1-5 - BLACK leotard, pink tights, and pink SPLIT SOLE, CANVAS, ballet shoes. Hair secured in ballet bun. Warm-ups may only be worn at the beginning of class. Skirts may be worn in pointe class.


Boys – Please wear black dance pants, or athletic shorts with white tight T-shirt, black ballet shoes.


Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Acro and Hip Hop Classes:


Please wear jazz pants, or jazz shorts, tight fitting top or leotard, and appropriate shoes, hair needs to be up out of the face in ponytail or bun:


Acro - no shoes
Jazz shoes- Tan jazz shoes (pull on), or Tan turners

Tap shoes - Black (lace up), split sole

Contemporary - Tan Turners or bare feet

Hip Hop shoes - Black. Please note that Hip Hop shoes, black combat boots or clean sneakers are acceptable. Shoes will be decided for Spring Performance based on costume.

No "Street" clothes will be allowed.

Students will receive a reminder for improper dress code. After the initial reminder, the student may not be able to participate in class if not properly prepared.


Tuition Policies

There is a $30 non-refundable per-family Annual Registration/Membership fee. Continuous enrollment must be obtained or else a new registration fee will be charged within the same year. Tuition rates are based per hour of instruction and include costume. We call it all-inclusive pricing. Please add total hours for each student when determining your correct tuition payment. Tuition will be broken up into equal payments, paid for monthly (10 months). Tuition is based on an annual fee for the entire season. All holidays and vacations have been taken into consideration. Tuition will need to be paid in full (full year) or can be paid monthly via automatic charge to a credit card that we will keep on file. The credit card number will be encrypted into the computer system, and there will be no permanent written documentation of the credit card number. We will be authorized to charge your monthly tuition to the card on file. Please note that if you choose not to keep a card on file with us, then you can pay the tuition in full at the beginning of the year. Payments can be made in cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks out to Dance Theatre of New Jersey and place the student’s name(s) in the memo line. There is a $20.00 service charge for checks returned to us by the bank for any reason.


Drop Policy

Please submit an official DROP form by completing this form online: Click here.

Your child will NOT be unenrolled unless a drop form is completed. Please keep in mind that in order to re-enroll that year, another membership fee will be accessed. There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes. However, make-ups may be made into an appropriate alternate class. See Make-Up policies below. To see Tuition prices, please click Here. 


Tuition is non-refundable.


Make-Up Policies

Make-ups will be given for any student who misses class due to injury or sickness, though the child (ages 7 and up) is still encouraged to come and observe class if they are able. Classes missed for any other reason will not be given a make-up.

The student may take a make-up class in any class approved by the studio director. It is the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to call and/or e-mail the studio director in order to schedule it. We recommend scheduling all make ups by the end of April because in May and June, most classes are working on choreography only.

If a class is canceled by the instructor or for weather related cancellations, students can make up the class in another appropriate class. Please schedule this make up class with the office or online. Students will be notified prior to the class if it is canceled. Classes may be canceled without prior notice if an emergency occurs. In case of a weather related closure, it will be posted on our website, an email will be sent out, and it will be on our voicemail. Classes will only proceed as planned if sufficient attendance occurs of at least 3 students. Classes canceled due to insufficient attendance will be offered make-ups or may be shortened in length.


Private Classes

Private classes need to be scheduled with the office and at a time convenient to the instructor. Dance Theatre of New Jersey will bill your account and payment will be made to the instructor. There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. You also must schedule the private at least 24 hours in advance. Families that schedule privates and then cancel too much, will not be allowed private lessons in the future.


Drop Off and Pick Up Policies

Students must arrive on time for every class. Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late will be asked to sit out and observe since they will not be properly warmed up. Dancers that are not warmed up properly face an increased risk of injury. *In certain cases the instructor may ask a more advanced student to warm-up on the side if they are late so that they can join the class when the instructor determines that they are sufficiently ready to begin class.


Students should not be dropped off more than 10 minutes before their class time begins. Students must always be picked up on time unless previously approved by the studio director and instructor. Students that are dropped off too early or picked up too late, may be subject to a fee. Please remember that there is no supervision besides inside their own class.


Spring Performance Information

Dance Theatre of New Jersey holds an annual Spring Performance. Times and dates will be announced, but will generally be held in late May or June. All classes except session workshops, camps, or adult classes will perform. A performance packet with all of the information will be sent out in early Spring. The student will need to provide appropriate tights and shoes. The price of costumes is included with your tuition. Information on buying tickets, performance photos, and DVD will be given out in Spring. Please mark your calendar for the Spring Performance 2017. There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal on June 16 and the Spring Performance will be on June 17.


Performance & Competitive Company

Placement onto the competitive company will be by audition and invitation ONLY. If a student enrolls in classes after the auditions have occurred and the instructor and/or studio director believes that they should be on the company, they will have a private audition. Students should know that placement on the company is a privilege and not a right. Please trust that the best decision will be made for the students and the company. If a student does not make it onto the company they are welcome to train at the same number of classes as the team is required and will be watched for improvement until they are ready. All rules and regulations for Company members will be outlined in their contracts. Students are required to follow all rules and requirements involved with the company once placed onto it.

Placement onto the Performance Company requires at least one Dance Theatre of New Jersey dance class, plus the Performance Company Rehearsal. Details and invitations will be sent in late August each year for the Performance Company.




Please note that adherence to these policies is required. In order to participate in classes at Dance Theatre of New Jersey, a parent signature is required that these policies are agreed upon. Please make sure that your waiver and agreement of policies is checked online. Thank you for your cooperation as it is our priority to make this a safe and positive learning environment for your child. We look forward to a great season!

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