Why Should You Dance in the Summer?

Your child dances all school year, Sept-June, and now you want to take the summer off from your regular activities. I get it, I am a parent too. I am a big advocate for changing up your routine for summer. However, there are still ways to keep dance a part of your summer and a few reasons that I would suggest for you to continue your dance education in the summer.


Let’s start with the obvious reason: Dance is a fun, engaging, and healthy activity. Why wouldn’t you want to continue that throughout the summer? Summer classes are a great way to keep connected with friends, get out of the hot weather, and exercise without even realizing that you are giving your body a full body workout because you are having too much fun.


Summer is also a great time to try new classes, new teachers, and meet new friends. It’s a great time to try a genre of dance that you haven’t tried before to see if you would like to study it more in the Fall, or to continue to work on your favorite genre. It’s a great time to take advantage of learning from GUEST TEACHERS and faculty that aren’t normally your teachers. We also have a wide range of new students that join us for summer, and you can make new friends!


Enrolling in Dance Camps is also a great way to enjoy dance with some related activities – and for parents, it’s an affordable way to keep them busy and safe while you work (or sneak off to the beach). We offer many different options for dance camps from age 3+. You can do half day, full day, or mix it up. We even offer “Specialty Camps” in the evenings for our older dancers. 


Your child works for 10 months on learning new skills, gaining flexibility, strength, and coordination. Then, they stop for 2 months and their momentum of learning stops. Not only does their learning stop, but studies have shown that even after approximately 1 week of not exercising, people lose muscle mass and muscle memory. Dancing through the summer helps maintain the muscle mass and memory that your child has worked so hard to achieve during the year.


You need a break though, as we all do. Breaks are good for the heart and soul. We also understand that there are often other siblings’ activities, family events, and day trips that are a part of everyone’s summer, which is why we are very lenient with scheduling and make ups. We want you to have a great summer, and we would love to be a part of it. On top of that, we also have an unlimited rate for those students that are in multiple classes, to save you money!

Take a look at what we offer this summer below in our summer brochure and please contact us with any questions!

Limited spaces available!

Summer Schedules and offerings usually come out in mid-February! Register on our website to get the email with the information!

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